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Snoring is a major cause of frustration in relationships and is detrimental to the sleep of the snorer and those sleeping nearby. There are also many couples needing to sleep in separate bedrooms which can be a problem when travelling…

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Sleep Apnea

Did you know that over 70% of people who regularly snore also have sleep apnea with most unaware they have it. The tell tale signs are snoring, waking unrefreshed with possibly some degree of sleepiness during the day...

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Oral Appliances

Oral appliances are regarded by sleep physicians as the gold standard treatment to stop snoring.
Oral appliances are also a proven, often life changing treatment for sleep apnea and are easy and comfortable to wear…

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Diagnosed with OSA?

Already diagnosed with Sleep Apnea? Despite the harmful effects to health many people diagnosed with sleep apnea are not accessing treatment. With the new effective comfortable treatments this no longer needs to be the case…

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Why SleepWise Clinic?

  • Dentists Experienced in Dental Sleep Medicine...

    It is important to choose a dentist who is regularly fitting a number of appliances each week. An experienced and well trained dentist will have the skills to make any adjustments that may be required in order to achieve the best results possible. The dentists at SleepWise Clinic are the most experienced in Australia having treated over 4000 patients with oral appliance therapy.
  • Onsite Laboratory...

    The lab provides appliances not just for SleepWise Clinic but for other dentists throughout Australia who are working in the field. A huge advantage in having a laboratory at the clinic is that each and every oral appliance provided for a patient is well-fitting, comfortable and adjusted to the highest standards.
  • Ongoing Patient Support...

    The dentists at SleepWise Clinic provide the highest level of support and follow up, to ensure successful outcomes.

Reports from patients of Australian dentists

  • "Not snoring! My husband is now happy to sleep in the same bed again. I feel very happy with the outcome."
    L Pope
  • "My sleep has improved above and beyond my expectations. I wake up in the morning refreshed and eager to start the day. No longer tired during the day and feeling more alive. The oral appliance has changed my life!"
    C Leach
  • "I have snored all my adult life and this is the only treatment I have received that works.  I no longer snore, I wake up feeling refreshed not tired and the headaches are gone.  No more sore throat and dry mouth.  Black lines under eyes have faded as I now get a good night’s sleep.  I now sleep deep enough to dream; this is something I have not done in the past.  Partner is happy, no longer kept awake or having to shift into another room."
    K Lyfield
  • "I had been using CPAP for the last two years.  I found out about an oral appliance and had one made up.  After using the oral appliance for one month I have found that it is 100% better than using CPAP.  It is portable; I can take it interstate and overseas without the weight of the CPAP machine.  I have found it just as effective at controlling my sleep apnea, but it is a lot more comfortable to wear at night."
    N Gruzevskis
  • "Firstly my wife says “Thank you!”  The appliance did stop me snoring from day one. The results have been spectacular and quicker than expected after trying to eliminate snoring for over five years.   My wife now shares the bedroom again with one exception… a toddler that won’t sleep through the night!  That will change!  All in all I have much more energy during the day and am achieving a lot more due to a great nights sleep.  This appliance will bring health and happiness to people’s lives."
    B Carman
  • "Since I have been using the dental appliance my snoring has gone and I can sleep in bed now with my partner rather than on the couch. I spent $500 on acupuncture and hundreds of dollars on throat sprays, anti-snoring tablets and nose strips. None of them provided a lasting or effective solution. I would recommend a dental appliance to anyone with a snoring problem and not to waste their time or money on sprays or tablets."
    R Marasco

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