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  • SleepWise Clinic is the only clinic in Melbourne specialising in dental sleep medicine for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea. Our dentists are among the most experienced in the world having treated over 7000 patients since 2001. We provide the complete range of medically established oral appliances all manufactured with materials of the highest quality here in Melbourne.


Snoring is a major cause of frustration in relationships and is detrimental to the sleep of the snorer and those sleeping nearby. There are also many couples needing to sleep in separate bedrooms which can be a problem when travelling…

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Sleep Apnoea

Did you know that over 70% of people who regularly snore also have sleep apnoea with most unaware they have it. The tell tale signs are snoring, waking unrefreshed with possibly some degree of sleepiness during the day...

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Oral Appliances

Oral appliances are regarded by sleep physicians as the gold standard treatment to stop snoring.
Oral appliances are also a proven, often life changing treatment for sleep apnea and are easy and comfortable to wear…

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Diagnosed with OSA?

Already diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea? Despite the harmful effects to health many people diagnosed with sleep apnoea are not accessing treatment. With the new effective comfortable treatments this no longer needs to be the case…

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are oral appliances effective?

    The American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Australasian Sleep Association now consider oral appliances a first line treatment for snoring and sleep apnea. They are also ideal for patients with severe sleep apnea who cannot use CPAP or as an alternative when travelling and there is no access to power. Oral appliances have been scientifically proven to be very effective with studies demonstrating over 95% of people are satisfied with the level of improvement with their snoring. A study at SleepWise Clinic in 2010 by Associate Professor Gerard Kennedy from Victoria University demonstrated that 96% of patients in the study were satisfied with the improvement in their snoring. Most were waking more refreshed and less tired during the day.
  • What is the best treatment for snoring?

    Most sleep physicians consider oral appliances as the most effective treatment for snoring - with the least side-effects. Studies demonstrate that oral appliances are far more effective than surgical treatments. Surgery is only around 55% effective with significant potential side-effects, including severe post-operative pain and regurgitation of food through the nose. Choice magazine reviewed most of the "over the counter treatments" for snoring. This review was conducted by a team, which included sleep physicians, and concluded that these treatments were unproven and mostly ineffective. The treatments included sprays, medications and pillows. Breathing re-training is another treatment lacking in any standard scientific evidence of effectiveness in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea. While weight loss and avoiding, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol prior to sleep can be very helpful, oral appliances remain the gold standard for immediate elimination of snoring.
  • I don't want to use the CPAP machine - is the oral appliance an alternative?

    While CPAP is regarded as gold standard treatment for severe sleep apnea, based on many scientific studies, oral appliances are now regarded by sleep specialists as a viable alternative to CPAP. There are many people who find it very difficult and are unable to use CPAP. It is then very important that these people have assistance to their breathing while asleep and the use of an oral appliance then becomes essential. The experience of CPAP users who have made the change is invariably that oral appliances are much more comfortable than CPAP. Many other people with severe sleep apnea might continue to use their CPAP and use an oral appliance when travelling or times where there is no access to power. The possibility of changing to a dental sleep appliances can be determined at the initial consultation.
  • How does an oral appliance work?

    Oral appliances work by holding the lower jaw slightly forward during sleep thereby opening the airway at the back of the throat which is responsible for the snoring and obstruction. The tongue is attached to the lower jaw and with the jaw held forward the tongue is prevented from collapsing back.
  • How long does an oral appliance last?

    If you don't clench or grind your teeth an oral appliance can last for many years – five or six and often many more years. Often all that is required after five or six years is a simple reline procedure to restore it back to near new. Even if you do clench and grind your teeth the appliance can still last for years and has the added benefit of protecting your teeth and dental work. If the appliance needs to be replaced several years down the track this is usually done at a reduction of 50% of the original cost.

Patient Reports

  • "Not snoring! My husband is now happy to sleep in the same bed again. I feel very happy with the outcome."
    L Pope
  • "My sleep has improved above and beyond my expectations. I wake up in the morning refreshed and eager to start the day. No longer tired during the day and feeling more alive. The oral appliance has changed my life!"
    C Leach
  • "I have snored all my adult life and this is the only treatment I have received that works.  I no longer snore, I wake up feeling refreshed not tired and the headaches are gone.  No more sore throat and dry mouth.  Black lines under eyes have faded as I now get a good night’s sleep.  I now sleep deep enough to dream; this is something I have not done in the past.  Partner is happy, no longer kept awake or having to shift into another room."
    K Lyfield
  • "I had been using CPAP for the last two years.  I found out about an oral appliance and had one made up.  After using the oral appliance for one month I have found that it is 100% better than using CPAP.  It is portable; I can take it interstate and overseas without the weight of the CPAP machine.  I have found it just as effective at controlling my sleep apnea, but it is a lot more comfortable to wear at night."
    N Gruzevskis
  • "Firstly my wife says “Thank you!”  The appliance did stop me snoring from day one. The results have been spectacular and quicker than expected after trying to eliminate snoring for over five years.   My wife now shares the bedroom again with one exception… a toddler that won’t sleep through the night!  That will change!  All in all I have much more energy during the day and am achieving a lot more due to a great nights sleep.  This appliance will bring health and happiness to people’s lives."
    B Carman
  • "Since I have been using the dental appliance my snoring has gone and I can sleep in bed now with my partner rather than on the couch. I spent $500 on acupuncture and hundreds of dollars on throat sprays, anti-snoring tablets and nose strips. None of them provided a lasting or effective solution. I would recommend a dental appliance to anyone with a snoring problem and not to waste their time or money on sprays or tablets."
    R Marasco

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