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Contact us to get your questions answered, or to make an appointment. The phone call can be a great opportunity to discuss you, or your partner’s, symptoms with one of our experienced team members, and get a better understanding of the available treatments that are successfully used. If you have already had a sleep study done and are making an appointment we will obtain the study so we can ascertain and discuss your level of sleep apnoea and the most appropriate treatments for you or your partner.

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The Initial Consultation

During your consultation, a comprehensive assessment is made which includes a discussion about your main concerns, symptoms and medical history. Your suitability for oral appliance therapy will be determined and based on an assessment of your oral health including teeth, gums,  jaw joints, muscles, soft tissues, as well as the range  of mandibular (jaw) movements. This is also a great opportunity to look at the choice of current dental appliances and have all your questions answered, including what to expect, ease of use, comfort level, longevity, effectiveness etc. During this consult if you already haven’t had a sleep study, and it is determined that you have a high probability of sleep apnoea, a diagnostic sleep study may be arranged. If you have already have had a sleep study we will assess the degree of sleep apnoea, the impact on health and quality of life, and the best form of treatment. We will also assess your individual probability of success with oral appliance therapy and will select an optimal appliance specifically for you.

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Organising a sleep study

A sleep study can be conducted at a hospital but are more commonly conducted with portable monitors used in the comfort of the patient’s own home. If you are diagnosed with sleep apnoea, it’s important to your health and wellbeing that you choose an effective, long-term treatment. Depending on the recommendations of the sleep physician, severity and personal preference, treatment is selected. Further information on types of treatment and their effectiveness can be found here – Treating Sleep Apnoea. If it is determined that you are a good candidate for an oral appliance, should you wish to proceed, the process can commence and the teeth are then scanned.

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Scanning of your teeth

SleepWise Clinic uses the latest intraoral scanning, in which an image of the patient’s teeth is created using 3D scanning technology. This is an easy and comfortable procedure  and results in highly accurate models, with an extremely well fitting oral appliance, made by 3D printers. The appliance is then produced and ready to be fitted 2-3 weeks following the initial consultation. Learn more about the professional fitting process.

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If you have been referred

Many patients who have been referred to us have already been diagnosed with sleep apnoea, some have also tried the CPAP machine and are looking for an alternative effective and comfortable treatment. If you have been referred by a health professional, prior to your visit with us we will ensure we receive a letter detailing the results of your sleep study, or any other tests, as well as an outline of your main concerns and medical history. We will liaise with your specialist, or medical practitioner to ensure they are informed on the results of treatment every step of the way. When your snoring or sleep apnoea is overcome, we may organise to send you back to the referring practitioner for a final assessment.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

SleepWise Clinic encourages you to take advantage of our Satisfaction Guarantee, which allows a three-month trial of a state-of-the-art oral appliance. This allows you to test the device in terms of comfort and effectiveness for overcoming snoring, tiredness or sleep apnoea. We offer this trial because we know, from having treated patients for over 15 years, that the vast majority will achieve excellent results and this is our way of ensuring our patients are satisfied regardless of the outcome. Read more about our Satisfaction Guarantee.

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