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Our process at Sleepwise Clinic

The Review Visit

Four weeks after you receive your oral appliance we will see you for a follow-up visit. At this point, you should be using your appliance comfortably each night achieving good control of your snoring, tiredness and other symptoms. At this visit, the appliance is checked to ensure that no further adjustments are required and that it is working optimally to eliminate the snoring and symptoms of sleep apnoea. Depending on the severity of your sleep apnoea, your clinician will either check in with you again in 12 months time or earlier, to ensure your appliance does not need any further adjustments. All review and follow up visits within the first 12 months are included in the initial cost of therapy.

Patient in a review visit for oral appliance

Ongoing support

We will send you a reminder every 12 months to attend for a review so that we can ensure the oral appliance continues to work effectively. If the oral appliance requires an adjustment or maintenance at any time, we ensure our patients are seen with minimal delay. SleepWise Clinic is unique in having a dental prosthetist onsite. Our prosthetists are highly skilled in the manufacture of oral appliances and provide expert support with repairs, maintenance and adjustments.

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