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Review of oral appliances

Without question the most effective, comfortable types of appliances are those made from impressions and models of the patient’s own teeth. These customised appliances ensure a perfect fit and can be made very thin and of minimal dimensions yet are still strong enough to last for many years.

Customised and Adjustable

State of the art appliances are not only custom made they are also adjustable This allows the dentist, and importantly the patient, to slowly bring the lower jaw forward to the ideal most comfortable position that opens the airway and overcomes snoring, tiredness and sleep apnoea.   Range of oral appliances

3D Scanner performed on a patient

The Latest 3D Scanning Technology

SleepWise Clinic uses the latest intraoral scanning, where an image of the patient’s teeth is created using 3D scanning technology. The 3D technology is unmatched in its accuracy and patients undergo an easy and comfortable procedure, where the appliance is then produced and ready to be fitted 2-3 weeks following the initial consultation. Learn more about the professional fitting process.

SleepWise expert with a patient assessing which design of oral appliance is best

Choosing the best oral appliance for you

At SleepWise Clinic we will assess which design of oral appliance is best for your specific needs. No two appliances are made the same, with each design offering a unique set of benefits and functionalities.

The range of state-of-the-art oral appliances

There are several custom-made oral appliances, all with different designs, that have scientific studies proving effectiveness and comfort.

There is no one appliance that is suitable for each and every person. The choice of an optimal oral appliance for an individual will depend on many factors including the number of teeth, the width of the dental arches of the palate and lower jaw, the degree of jaw protrusion, the size of the tongue and the age of the patient.

The Dorsal oral appliance


The Dorsal

The Dorsal is the only appliance in which the upper and lower components are not connected. Using this appliance, patients are able to open and close their jaw, sip water, and actually talk while wearing the oral appliance. Simple adjustments can be made by the patients to bring the lower jaw forward and improve effectiveness as needed. Watch the video of the Dorsal appliance

The Silensor oral appliance


The Silensor

The Silensor has side connectors which are made from high strength nylon. It comes with connectors of different sizes which can be changed in order to bring the lower jaw forward as needed.  This appliance is very unobtrusive and can be used with patients with small mouths.

The EMA Appliance oral appliance


The EMA Appliance

The EMA (Elastomeric Mandibular Advancement) is a USA designed appliance in which the upper and lower components are held together with straps of varying lengths and flexibility, allowing for excellent side-to-side movement and jaw adjustment.  It is small and unobtrusive, but not as robust for people who clench or grind their teeth.

Medical and Dental Sleep Appliance



The MDSA (Medical and Dental Sleep Appliance) is an Australian appliance suitable for patients prone to clenching and grinding. The MDSA is comfortable yet robust and allows for free range of motion when connected.  This appliance prevents the jaw from opening and can be suitable for people whose mouth drops open during sleep. 

The Herbst oral appliance


The Herbst

The Herbst is an appliance with medical grade stainless steel telescopic connectors which can be extended as required.  It is a popular choice for patients who tend to clench and grind during sleep. The Herbst is comfortable and robust, allowing both lateral and vertical movements when in use.


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